Aidan Parle

Aidan Parle –

What he does:

Website and Logo Design

What we did:
I have a great working relationship with a London web developer called Danny Fontaine who got hold of me recently to design a website and logo for the musician Aidan Parle. He sent over some drawings that he’d had done with a vague idea of including the London skyline. Listening to his music and finding out more about him I started thinking of producing a logo with some real character to match his lyrics and style. As with much design I kind of stumbled across the idea of a shouting dog (more to do with his lyrics than his song delivery), the guy’s got something to say!… I’d come across bulldogs etc as I searched through pictures of London. The typography, picture of the dog, the pictures, colours etc, all came together in Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. Danny put the website together and Aidan is pleased as punch!